Speech by Xu Bin, President of China Packaging Federation, at the First Council of the Eighth Congress

Apr 27,2018

The 8th National Congress of the China Packaging Federation has successfully completed all the agenda of the congress and is about to close. This meeting is a very important one held at a critical moment when China is entering a decisive year to complete the goals of the 12th Five Year Plan. Guided by the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the meeting went well and successfully. At the meeting, our respected elder Shi Wanpeng made a very comprehensive and important work report on behalf of the seventh council and elected a new council. The report of President Wan Peng not only systematically summarized the work of the Seventh Council, but also the achievements made in the development of China's packaging industry in the past ten years. At the same time, it also put forward requirements and directions for the future development direction, goals and work routes of the packaging industry, and also raised ardent hopes for the work of the Eighth Council. Our eighth council is deeply aware of the great responsibility. We must earnestly study and implement the report spirit of President Wan Peng, carry forward our achievements, summarize experience, enhance confidence, forge ahead, and further promote better and faster development of the packaging industry to win new and greater victories.

Since its establishment in the early 1980s, the China Packaging Federation has gone through 35 years of hard work and development. Under the leadership of two predecessors Qiu Chunfu and Shi Wanpeng, they bravely explored and innovated to adapt to the laws of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics, and explored a way for associations and associations to coordinate and manage the industry. This not only played a positive role in promoting the revitalization and development of China's packaging industry, but also provided useful experience for the innovation of the industry management system under the socialist market economy. At today's conference, we awarded Shi Wanpeng, the old president of the packaging industry, the "Lifetime Achievement Award", and Han Jiazeng and other 27 old vice presidents who are about to retire, the "Outstanding Contribution Award". The reason why we commend them is, first, to fully recognize their achievements and remember their contributions; Second, we should call on everyone to follow their example, learn from them, inspire us with their exemplary deeds, continue to carry forward their good ideas, good styles, good traditions, love the industry, and contribute to the association. Therefore, the whole conference fully reflects the positive elements facing the future. It is a meeting that inherits the past and ushers in the future; It is also a mobilization meeting and pledge meeting for building a powerful packaging country under the new situation and building an upgraded version of China's packaging industry.

At the first meeting of the eighth council just held, the president, vice president, secretary-general and executive director were elected to form a new leadership of the Association, and I was clearly appointed as the president. This fully reflects the trust of the Council and the industry. A certain amount of trust means a responsibility. We must live up to the expectations of all. We must fulfill our duties, dare to take responsibility, selfless dedication, and work hard to make our due contributions to the construction of the Federation, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, to enhance the cohesion of the industry, and to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

In the face of the big article that the new Council should continue to promote the development of the industry and the construction of the Federation, I have the following thoughts for your reference.

1、 It is necessary to recognize the new situation, adapt to the new normal, explore new courses, constantly enhance the confidence in building a powerful packaging country, and promote the transformation, upgrading and sustainable and stable growth of the packaging industry

At present, the economic recovery momentum of developed countries in the world is not clear, the pattern of world trade and investment is uncertain, the debt risk has not been completely solved, and regional turbulence adds many variables to the world economy. However, peace and development are still the mainstream of the times. From the signals released by the APEC Conference, the G20 Summit and other international conferences held in China in November this year, they all reflect the positive vision of countries to strengthen cooperation and seek development. Therefore, the central government's judgment that China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities that can make great achievements is very correct. At home, although it is currently in the period of economic shift, structural adjustment and the digestion period of the previous stimulus policies, the "three phases of superposition", the economic growth is slowing down. In addition, the overcapacity of traditional industries, rising labor costs, increasing pressure on resources and environment, and the interweaving of old contradictions and new problems have increased the downward pressure on the economy. However, there is little fluctuation and the overall situation is good. The economy maintained a stable and healthy operation throughout the year. According to the information issued at the recent Central Economic Work Conference, the economic data in the first three quarters of this year showed that although China's GDP growth rate was 7.4%, the overall employment was stable, prices were basically stable, agriculture was stable, and residents' income grew steadily. The economic operation was still in a reasonable range, and the trend of making progress while maintaining stability remained unchanged. In addition, remarkable achievements have been made in structural adjustment, energy conservation and efficiency enhancement, and the quality of economic development has been significantly improved, especially in the following four aspects. First, the industrial structure is pregnant with new breakthroughs. In the first three quarters of this year, the added value of the tertiary industry accounted for 46.7% of GDP, 1.2 percentage points higher than the same period last year, and 2.5 percentage points higher than the secondary industry; Second, the demand structure has undergone positive changes. Since this year, the growth rate of investment has continued to slow down at a high level, the growth rate of exports has begun to shift, and the role of consumption in driving economic growth has continued to strengthen. From the first quarter to the third quarter, the contribution rate of final consumption to economic growth was 48.5%, about 7 percentage points higher than the contribution of the growth rate of total capital formation. The trend of the overall economic structure optimization and rebalancing is relatively obvious; Third, the regional structure has improved. The economic development of the eastern and western regions is becoming more coordinated. The eastern region has played a more prominent role in the transformation and upgrading, and the advantages of backwardness in the central and western regions continue to be given play; Fourth, resource cost consumption has decreased. In the first three quarters, the energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased by 4.6% year on year. Various reform measures formulated at the Third Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee have been continuously promoted, creating a better and better environment for the development of enterprises. We must correctly assess the situation, take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, grasp the general tone of seeking progress while keeping the economy stable, maintain strategic composure, further enhance confidence, and to achieve the "two centenary goals", we must unite our efforts, reform and innovate, and plan well to build a package power.

Seven years ago, when the total output value of China's packaging industry was close to 1 trillion yuan, and China became one of the world's largest packaging countries, we put forward the goal of striving to build a packaging power. At the same time, in view of the advanced level of the world's packaging industry at that time, we preliminarily refined the six standards of a packaging power, and demonstrated the ambition of "packaging people" to constantly strive for self-improvement, pursue excellence, and dare to be the first. In 2010, at the meeting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of China Packaging Federation, we also put forward the guidelines to build a packaging power by adhering to "scientific development, green development, innovative development, circular development and harmonious development" in accordance with the spirit of the national "12th Five Year Plan". However, in the final analysis, the most important symbol of a powerful packaging country is its high-end industrial structure and strong core competitiveness. From the current realistic basis of our country, although under the historical background of reform and opening up, through the joint efforts of the whole industry, the packaging industry has achieved a complete range of categories and a leap in total production, it can only be said that it has laid the foundation for building a packaging power, and has taken the first step on the road of the Long March. There is still a big gap between China and other industrialized countries. First of all, our research and production of packaging raw and auxiliary materials are far behind those of developed industrial countries such as Europe, America and Japan, such as tin plate three piece cans. The wall thickness of iron cans currently produced in China is generally 0.2MM, while the wall thickness of iron cans in Europe, America and other countries has decreased to 0.08MM, realizing the advanced level of low gram weight, lightweight, high strength and cost reduction of packaging products. Now this situation is not only iron cans, but also lags behind the developed countries in the research and development of raw materials for packaging products such as paper and plastic, as well as auxiliary materials such as ink and adhesive for packaging and printing; Secondly, our R&D capability in the process technology of packaging product production is also weak. At present, advanced production technology and equipment are mainly imported, which is not only restricted by foreign countries, but also increases production costs; Third, our packaging design concept is biased, focusing on graphic design and lightness skill design, lacking comparative advantage in industry competition; Fourth, our packaging standardization construction lags behind, and our voice in the world is not strong. In addition to the above four main aspects, the core is that the new industrialization level of our packaging industry is too low, the industry structure is unreasonable, enterprises are small, scattered and disorderly, the business philosophy of enterprises is outdated, and the management level needs to be improved. In general, China's packaging industry is still in the extensive development stage. Therefore, this session of the Council must take the initiative to gradually get rid of the old model of extensive development of the industry through industrial transformation and upgrading, strive to cultivate a number of leading backbone production enterprises, and reach the level of international advanced enterprises in the production and manufacturing of major packaging materials, packaging products, packaging equipment, technological innovation, quality standards, energy conservation and emission reduction, economic benefits, etc, Especially in terms of product and process technology innovation ability, it has comparative advantages in competition with international peers, and comprehensively improves the overall level of China's packaging industry.

The year 2015 is an extraordinary year. It is not only the opening year of the eighth Council of China Packaging Federation, but also the 35th anniversary of the founding of China Packaging Federation. At the national level, it is not only the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, but also the key year to comprehensively deepen reform. The task of reform and development is very heavy and more challenging. We should conscientiously implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress, the Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 18th Central Committee and the Central Economic Work Conference, adhere to the innovation driven development strategy, and constantly increase the efforts to transform the mode and adjust the structure. In the two key links of transformation and upgrading and scientific and technological innovation, we should work hard, hard and hard to promote the steady and healthy development of the industry in the new year.

In 2015, the country will formulate the 13th Five Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development in accordance with the overall orientation of China's social and economic development policies. This is a very important five-year development plan for comprehensively realizing the final sprint stage of a moderately prosperous society, and we must pay enough attention to it. China Packaging Federation will also formulate the 13th five-year development plan according to the overall goal of the development of China's packaging industry and the current reality, which will be used to guide the path of industry development in the next five years. This is an important work related to the sustainable development of the industry, and we hope to get your support to provide advice and information for the formulation of the plan. Through our joint efforts, we successfully completed the planning task. At the same time, all units should also attach great importance to the preparation of the five-year development plan of the enterprise according to the relevant national economic policies to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the enterprise.

2、 We should highlight the key points, pay close attention to the key points, and strive to build five service "platforms" to escort the development of enterprises and the progress of the industry

Serving the enterprise is the foundation of the association and the responsibility of the association. This session of the Board of Directors must keep the overall situation in mind, keep the mission in mind, and always adhere to the purpose of "three services", so as to truly make the feelings of the enterprise concerned, the hearts of the enterprise, and the affairs of the enterprise, think about the enterprise's thoughts, the urgent needs of the enterprise, and give away the needs of the enterprise, constantly enhance the service awareness, improve the service quality, and on the basis of summing up previous experience, strengthen and improve the service work for the enterprise, the industry, and the government, We will make sure that the China Packaging Federation is truly a service-oriented industry organization, and make every effort to build a long-term, diversified and full chain three-dimensional service "platform" from the following five aspects.

(1) Network information service platform

Today's society has entered the information age, and the network has become an indispensable communication and exchange tool for people's production and life, and has also created huge wealth for the society. It is very important to build a network information platform and widely carry out network information services. We must pay close attention to it and achieve results. First, I hope that enterprises must make great efforts in the integration of industrialization and informatization. They should not only promote the informatization of packaging product R&D and design, but also promote the informatization and automation of packaging product production equipment and process, and also promote the informatization of enterprise management and packaging product circulation, so as to give full play to the role of information technology application in the industrial field with strong penetration, good integration and great multiplication; Second, the Federation must attach great importance to the construction of the official website of China Packaging Federation. Learn from the successful experience and good practices of brother websites to learn from others' strengths and make up for their weaknesses. Our website is not only to spread the important activity information of China Packaging Federation, but also to report the national economic policies, reform measures, scientific and technological achievements of the whole industry, and even the international and domestic market of relevant industries, to provide reference for business decisions of enterprises, and also to establish a trading platform, carry out e-commerce online sales business, assist enterprises in purchasing raw materials and equipment, and help enterprises promote products. We should make concerted efforts to achieve the goal of the website industry office in the industry, and invite local outsourcing associations to help develop a group of people who are good at writing and interested in collecting information resources from all aspects in the enterprise, including scientific and technical personnel and marketing personnel, to form a team of correspondents to expand information channels and information resources for the website of China Packaging Federation. In places where conditions permit, we can also set up communication networks and establish a point-to-point, face-to-face information collection mechanism. At the same time, we can also establish an information exchange mechanism with relevant government departments, the World Packaging Organization, the Asian Packaging Federation and other international organizations to expand the scope of information collection, and provide the industry with the most timely, broadest and richest policy guidance, market conditions, scientific and technological innovation, as well as all kinds of information and consulting services that other enterprises enjoy. In this way, our website can enter a virtuous circle. Enterprises not only like to see it, but also use this interconnected interactive platform to do business. The role and benefits of the website can be maximized. Third, establish a statistical information network. Statistical information work is very important. It not only provides the country with information basis for formulating industrial policies, but also provides an important support for adjusting and planning the development of the industry itself, and is also a "wind vane" for enterprises to organize production and operation. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a statistical information network platform. First of all, based on the investigation and research, China Federation of Contracting Organizations should formulate a plan for information statistics work, define the items, scope, time segments and specific methods of statistics, so as to unify the statistical caliber and promote orderly; Secondly, we should make clear the division of labor. Through the interconnection, interaction and close cooperation between China Packaging Federation and local packaging associations, we should establish a set of statistical mechanism with the characteristics of China's packaging industry from the horizontal to the vertical, and form a bottom-up statistical network; The third is to compile statistical data. In addition to regularly publishing statistical data through the website of China Packaging Federation on a monthly and quarterly basis, a Statistical Data Collection should be compiled every year. The Compilation should not only truly reflect the statistical data, but also make corresponding scientific analysis and judgment on the expected orientation of data changes, so as to provide reference for enterprises to make business decisions. I know that it is really difficult to do this job well, such as means, funds, etc. However, since this work is so important, we must make up our minds, increase confidence, overcome difficulties and strive for success. I believe that there are more ways than difficulties.

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