Huitong Company held a grand celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the company. Leaders at all levels, industry associations and more than 300 representatives attended the ceremony. Everyone fully affirmed the brilliant achievements of Huitong Company in the past ten years.


The new office building is put into use to meet the office needs.


In the brilliant year since the establishment of Huitong, many high-speed printing machines, compound machines and bag making machines have been sold abroad; In addition, domestic and foreign enterprises have also ordered a large number of our machines.


In order to further improve product quality, the company has successively introduced two Yawei 3016 machining centers and two Mazak-600 horizontal machining centers from Japan.


The first printing machine produced by Sino Japanese technical cooperation was sold back to Japan and put into normal production in Tokyo.


The HTYJM09-1250 double receiving and double releasing printing machine, representing the company's high manufacturing level, successfully passed the "rigorous" acceptance of Shanghai Meishou Manliu Co., Ltd., a Japanese sole proprietorship enterprise, and the high printing speed reached 200 m/min.


The company has passed the international certification of IS09001-2000 quality system.


The identification of the technical cooperation agreement with ORIENT of Japan is a milestone for Huitong Machinery to truly integrate with international advanced technology and a new measure of Huitong Company to "innovate in science and technology and face the world".


At the request of Japanese merchants, we successfully developed and produced FZD-850 high-speed hot sealing and cutting bag making machine, and sold it to Japan, the kingdom of bag making machine production.


Due to the shortage of products, the Company acquired 12000 square meters of land and invested in a new branch factory Huitong Packaging Machinery Factory, which was officially put into production in February of the next year.

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